Ceramics Handmade in the UK

About The artist



 She is a ceramic artist originally from Wigan, now based in North Wales where she continues to create and exhibit work. Her focus is to express feelings of bespoke beauty and enjoyment through decorative ceramics and functional table-ware, which can be used to add a sense of luxury to any interior.  



Jessica uses traditional hand-building and Chinese clay piercing techniques to give depth to both the form of the vessel and the additional decoration.

She believes that staying true to these traditional techniques is something that is being lost in the world of modern art and so chooses to hand craft every stage of the production of each project.



Jessica's forms are a careful amalgamation of several artistic eras. She takes her inspiration from the classic Baroque style of exaggerated design and traditional Chinese pierced porcelain. Through her work, she takes these elements and combines them in such a way as to bring the traditional forms of art into the craft of contemporary ceramics